Barely Rocking

by Sweet Baby Jesus

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this sbj lineup includes pooty on guitar and vocals, paco on guitar and vocals, lily on bass, and hugo on drums.

engineered/ mixed by paco

tivoli tomb/ ratshack

all songs written by pooty
album art by pooty


released December 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Sweet Baby Jesus New York

Look out rockers .....Sweet Baby Jesus is about to anoint----
Bend an ear unto them.

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Track Name: Molecular Vision
molecular vision
do you define the tragedy
that makes me wanna fall so easily
sub atomic forces
do you determine the diease
to which all unfolds you see
(and theres no shortcut
to a reason to be
but what about that feeling
and couldn't it be
the reason you seek)
I wanna love you in a loophole
of your fantasy
ill pull the carpet out
from underneath your feet
and baby give me a meaning
360 degress
I get drowned out in so much uncertainty
Track Name: Child in Time
child in time
never know tomorrow
never age a die
timeless place
perception just a color
just a taste

rocking with you
shooting the shit
stare into you
swapping our spit

and ive got a secret
and you've got the magic
and you've got a secret
and I've got the magic

child in time
Track Name: Would it be Alright?
would It be alright
if I took my time
could you realize
all these I's
only me
only me
could I start to see
boy what a job
all for me
all for me
Track Name: Barely Rocking
(what a lovely little chance im taking
what a lovely little chance im taking
to be barely rocking
barely rocking with you now)

the sun he told me
said baby boy
"Im gonna show you now
what loves about about"
and the mother who bore me
said "what a fine specimen"
what a life ahead,
could I shred instead?

no reason only
youll be next in line
your only heavy ONCE
so you should just because
Track Name: Dub Fantasy
I will tiptoe around the scene
dopamine and insecurity
real life
aint exactly what it seems
real love
is a double fantasy

its gonna really shake your bones
get on down
and in the morning youll know
that real life
aint exactly what it seems
real love
is a double fantasy

(all I know is how you look at me)
Track Name: Easy Rock City
and ill love you better than ever
I wish I could take you to
easy rock city